#203 - Greenman-200X200

Welcome to my Gourd Banjo website. My name is Barry Sholder, and I am the maker of Barry Sholder Gourd banjos and Barry Sholder Gourd Ukulele.
When I make one of my instruments, I approach the building process as an organic sculpture taking into consideration the color and texture of exotic woods, shape and size of the gourds, color contrast. These elements combine to give the musician, not only a fine musical instrument, but a beautiful piece of art.


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    Banjo #253 Radical Turquoise


    Banjo #253 Radical Turquoise

    Premium Curly Maple neck
    Oiled Rosewood fretless Fingerboard
    Rosewood friction violin tuners
    Turquoise and Rosewood peghead overlay
    Custom set D’Addario nylon and Classical Guitar strings
    Canteen Gourd 9 1/2″ dia x4″ deep
    Corian nut
    High Gloss Varnish finish
    Turquoise bead rosette around soundport
    1 1/2 ” Soundport
    Scotchguard on the head
    Romero style tailpiece
    Goat skin head
    Signed and numbered

    available for international sale contact me for details

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    Banjo #319 Fretless "Big Canteen"


    Banjo #319 Fretless “Big Canteen”

    Curly Maple neck
    Cherry figured fretless fingerboard
    Purpleheart peghead
    Big Canteen gourd 11″ x4 1/2″ 1 1/2″ sound port
    Romero style tailpiece
    Goatskin head and Corian nut
    Ebony friction violin tuners
    Custom string set. Much firmer than nylgut
    extra string sets > accessories

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    Banjo #307 Mini 5 Travel Banjo

    Banjo #307 Mini 5 Travel Banjo

    This mini 5 features
    Canarywood neck
    Oak fretboard with 15 frets with dyed fret markers and abalone dots
    Open machine geared tuners the fifth is friction
    Barry Shiolder Mini5 custom strings Hard tension
    Canteen style gourd 8 1/2″ dia x 4″ deep with 1 1/2″ sound port
    Head is goatskin





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    Banjo #301 Boucher style Minstrel


    Banjo #301 Boucher style Minstrel

    This banjos features

    Curly maple neck with Danish Oil finish

    Fretless Ovangkol fingerboard…very similar to Koa oil finish

    Classic Boucher Peghead with Fiddleback figured Sycamore veneer

    Canteen style gourd 9″ dia x 4 1/2″ deep with 1 1/2″ soundport

    Ebony friction violin tuners very smooth

    Custom set of D’Addario nylon and composite classical guitar strings…much firmer than Nylgut

    Corian Nut, Goatskin head, and a custom cut Romero style tailpiece

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    Banjo 314 Hotrod

    Banjo 314 Hotrod

    This is one of my “Hot rod ” models 9″ diameter or smaller on the gourd. Don’t let the size of it fool you …big sound because the gourd is 5 1/2″ deep. The gourd on this guy  came up with a slight hairline crack which is undectable. It was repaired and fiberglassed from the inside not effecting anything. The Gourd was dyed black but came out a deep eggplant purple and deep brown. Beautiful instrument and tone.
    This is value priced