Banjo #294 B “Bottle”


Banjo #294 B “Bottle”

Curly Maple neck
Walnut fingerboard with live edge on the end
Shellac finish
14″ of playing area…an octave plus 2 (Fretless)
Bottle gourd measures 15″length x 9″ wide  deep x 6″
Custom string set..See accessories for extra sets
2 goatskin head and soundports
Corian nut
Ebony friction tuners very smooth operation


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This has always been very popular using the crazy Bottle Gourd. This one inparticular has a long waist. Both chambers are open with skin and a soundport . The banjo comes with a free strap because it is difficult to play otherwise.
The bottle gourds always have great tone becuase of the amount of air volume in the large chamber.