Banjo – #299 Fencepost – 5 String Fretless

Banjo – #299 Fencepost – 5 String Fretless

Cherry Neck with rusty nail (n/c)
Fretless Cherry fingerboard
Ebony friction violin tuners very smooth operation
Custom String set see Accessories to order extra sets
Canteen Gourd uncleaned 10″ x 4″ with 1 1/2″ sound port
Goatskin head
Oil finish on the neck only




Available for special order

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Originally the peghead was a slice of weathered fencepost. It now is barnwood, this one comes complete with rusty nail.
The idea behind the Fencepost model was to create a rustic, rough looking banjo that was a player.
The only thing that is smooth is the Cherry neck which is finished in oil. The rest of the banjo is weathered and rough.
The Canteen Gourd is 10″ x 4″ with a 1 1/2″ sound post. The dirt has been knocked off the gourd and that’s about it. The sound is bright and punchy.
Head is goatskin , Ebony friction tuners, and Custom string set
This guy is a an attention getter for sure.