Banjo #301 Boucher style Minstrel


Banjo #301 Boucher style Minstrel

This banjos features

Curly maple neck with Danish Oil finish

Fretless Ovangkol fingerboard…very similar to Koa oil finish

Classic Boucher Peghead with Fiddleback figured Sycamore veneer

Canteen style gourd 9″ dia x 4 1/2″ deep with 1 1/2″ soundport

Ebony friction violin tuners very smooth

Custom set of D’Addario nylon and composite classical guitar strings…much firmer than Nylgut

Corian Nut, Goatskin head, and a custom cut Romero style tailpiece


  • Description


This is a replica of a 5 string banjo used in minstrel days. The Boucher is recognizable by the sometimes unusal peghead shapes and Oghee embellishments along the side of the neck. this one is a double Oghee.