Banjo #302 “Irma”

Banjo #302 “Irma”

Banjo #302 Irma features:
Curly Maple neck with Danish oil finish
Ovangkol fretless fingerboard oil finish
Corian nut
Ebony friction violin tuners…very smooth
Custom std banjo stringset…..extra string sets on accessories page
Gourd is a big Kettle measuring 9 1/2″ dia x 5 1/2″ deep with 1 1/2″ soundport
Goatskin head , Romero style tailpiece


Available for special order

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This Banjo is “Irma” why….you ask..because it was finished while the leftover of Hurricane Irma was passing over my shop.
This Banjo has a Large kettle Gourd 91/2″ dia x 5 1/2″ deep meaning that it has a more reverberant tone. Lots of air. I suggest a strap
on this one..see accessories so it won’ have a tendency to roll. I’m not sure what the wood is on the peghead , I think it’s Rosewood with
sapwood mixed in..beautiful.