Banjo #317 Bottle gourd 5 string fretless “Live edge”


Banjo #317 Bottle gourd 5 string fretless “Live edge”

Curly Maple Neck
Ebony fretless fingerboard
Buckeye Burl live edge peghead plate
2 sound ports 2 goatskin heads
Ebony friction violin tuners with custom Barry Sholder std string set * available on accessories page
Ebony nut 30mm
Gloss finish
Free strap


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This is a new Bottle Gourd 5 string fretless Banjo #317.
This banjo has a huge bottle gourd 14″ long x 9 wide,x 6″ deep. That means there’s a lot of air coming out of the 2 soundholes, which translates to lots of bottom. This banjo also features a live edge buckeye burl peghead plate. Also, a gloss finish to top things off.