Banjo #331 5 string fretless Gourd “Fencepost”


Banjo #331 5 string fretless Gourd “Fencepost”

Cherry neck
Oak fingerboard
Barnwood peghead with rusty nail
Ebony friction violin tuners…very smooth
Oiled neck on the playing area only
Big Canteen gourd measures 11″ dia x 4 1/2″ deep with 1 1/2″ soundport
Romero style tailpiece
Barry Sholder std 5 string string set


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By far one of my best sellers and the most fun to make. The original Fencepost post came about while I was on my mother in laws farm where I found an old fencepost laying in the field. I took the post home and took a slice of the weathered wood and stuck it on the peghead and the rest is history. The only smooth part of this banjo is the playing area of the neck. The rest is rustic. The gourd is left as it comes from the field except for knocking off the loose debris. Great player and conversation piece