Banjo #333 fretless gourd 5 string “Rocket”

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Banjo #333 fretless gourd 5 string “Rocket”


Black Walnut neck with Danish oil finish
Oak fretless fingerboard Danish oil
Peghead is Austrailian Black Bean veneer… look a lot like Koa
Ebony friction violin pegs…very smooth operation
Barry Sholder Standard Gourd banjo string set…much more firm than Nylgut
Romero style tailpiece, Goatskin head
Bright balanced sound sound

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This is a very compact 5 string Gourdie that packs a lot of sound for a small gourd. Canteen Style Gourd 8 1/2″ dia x 4″ with soundport. I was a little surprised at how much sound was coming out, but hey, it’s a Gourdie.
A  couple of special features…the nut 34mm wide is made from reconstituted coral and the is a tiny woodburned rocket on the underside of the heel.