Banjo #345 Raku Moonman

Banjo #345 Raku Moonman


Mahogany neck
Curly maple fretless fingerboard
Ebony friction violin tuners
Barry Sholder standard 5 string banjo strings * extras available on the accessories page
Canteen Gourd 9 3/4″ dia. x 4″ deep with 2″ sound port
Romero style tailpiece
Goatskin head
Handmade Raku moon medallion
Out of Stock/Special Order Available

Please note: Available for special order means that the
instrument is currently unavailable and will have to be built
Usually about 2 weeks.

Availability: Available for special order
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Raku is a form of firing pottery that gives you a unique dark blue and orange, rough, almost lava-like finish. Very popular in the Pottery world. This Moonman medallion is made by Harry Crow in Iowa. This one also has a 2″ sound port for big sound projection.