Banjo #351 Plantation w/Ropes “Kolrosing”

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Banjo #351 Plantation w/Ropes “Kolrosing”


Cherry neck with shellac satin finish
Curly Cherry veneer peghead overlay
Ebony friction violin tuners
Barry Sholder Standard Gourd banjo string set
Big 11″ Canteen gourd with 2″ soundport
Special Kolrosing treatment on tailpiece and bridge
Ebony nut

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This banjo has a number of interesting features including the use of Kolrosing techniques. Kolrosing is a very old method of fine line decoration on wood, usually cut with a special knife then filled with charcoal. The bridge and tailpiece have both been decorated this way. Also, The goatskin is tied and stretched with rawhide, no glue. The peghead is my replication from the watercolor painting The Old Plantation.