Banjolele #088 Fiddlehead Baritone (pre-owned)


Banjolele #088 Fiddlehead Baritone (pre-owned)

$325.00 $290.00

Cherry neck with 20.5 ” scale
Rosewood fretboard with 20 frets
Mother of Pearl dots
Ebony nut
Rosewood friction violin tuners
Aquila New Nylgut Baritone string set #21u EBGD (first 4 strings on the guitar)
Canteen Gourd 9″ dia x 4″ deep with 1 1/2″ soundport

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This instrument was custom built originally as a small tenor banjo.  The same size as a baritone banjolele. It turns out it was not possible to find the correct string set to fit the tuning the customer required. So it was returned and made into a Baritone Banjolele with the std 20 1/2″ scale. Great sound and feels really nice in your hands. 31″ overall length.