Barry Sholder Akonting #107 replica

Barry Sholder Akonting #107 replica


Mahogany neck * no frets
9″ canteen gourd left natural as it would have come from the fields of plantations where they were made and played
2″ sound port
Goatskin head
African style tailpiece and neck hand-painted
3 ebony friction tuners
60 lb. nylon fishing line strings  extra included
Out of Stock/Special Order Available

Please note: Available for special order means that the instrument is currently unavailable and will have to be built Usually about 2 weeks.

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They say the “Akonting” was the first banjo found in West Africa and brought to the US on slave ships. This was a 3 string gourd instrument played much like the clawwhammer banjo style found in the old time bands. Three different length strings were used and tied to a papyrus stick. The two shortest strings were drones and the longest was the melody string. there are many You Tubes available where you can hear the Akonting played by the pros. This is a totally experimental type instrument that can be tuned in many ways.