Barry Sholder Gourd 5 string banjo #323 “Bottle

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Barry Sholder Gourd 5 string banjo #323 “Bottle


Neck is Black Walnut
Rosewood fretless fingerboard
Ziracote peghead overlay
Bottle gourd measures 12 1/4″ length x 9″ wide x 6 1/2″ deep
2 soundports 2 goatskin heads
Corian nut 32 mm wide
Tru-oil finish
Strap included

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One of my best sellers because of the unique look and great sound. The shape seems to deliver a deeper tone than the flatter canteens. There are 2 skins and 2 soundports to enhance sound production. Balck Maple, Rosewood, and Ziacote make this a beautiful instrument to play and display.