Barry Sholder Gourd banjo #347 Short Scale 23″ “The Tick”

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Barry Sholder Gourd banjo #347 Short Scale 23″ “The Tick”


Quilted Maple neck
Rosewood fretless fingerboard
23 ” scale
Ebony friction violin pegs…very smooth
Barry Sholder Custom A scale string set extras available in accessories
CanteenGourd 9″ dia x 3 1/2″ deep 1/3/4″ soundport
1.25″ nut ideal for smaller hands

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“The Tick”, is a short scale 23″ Gourd 5 string fretless banjo. My standard banjos have a scale of 26 3/16″. This is 3″ shorter but is tuned to open G or whatever. This is a little banjo with a  narrower neck.. 1.25″ nut , making it ideal for small hands., Big sound hole a beautiful Quilted maple neck with satin finish. The nut is crimson reconstituted stone that adds a color accent the instrument.
The tick is actually a blemish that was on the goatskin head when I got it…so I added legs and now it is a tick. Probably came from the goat