Barry Sholder Gourd banjo #352 Wideneck “Beast”

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Barry Sholder Gourd banjo #352 Wideneck “Beast”


Curly Maple neck
Black Walnut fretless fingerboard with Danish oil finish
Peghead is a modified Jacobs style minstrel copy
Mottled Walnut veneer peghead plate
Kettle Gourd 10 1/2″dia. x 6″ deep
2 3/8″ soundport
Ebony friction violin tuners …very smooth

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The Beast..everything is big on this guy. For starters, this is a wide neck 2 5/8″ where the neck connects to the gourd, the nut is 1 5/8″ wide.
The string spacing at the nut is 3/8″ and at the bridge 1/2″. Big 2 3/8″ sound port . Big 10 1/2″ Canteen gourd 6″deep. Big deep sound. Need I say more
This adds up to a “Beast”