Barry Sholder Gourd banjo #357 “Woodspirit Luke” Fretted

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Barry Sholder Gourd banjo #357 “Woodspirit Luke” Fretted


Cherry neck
Oak fretboard with Rosewood dots and 16 frets
Hand-carved peghead
Ebony friction violin tuners
Barry Sholder std gourd string set  * extras available on the accessories page
Corian nut
Romero style tailpiece
Rosewood stem button on the bottom of the gourd
1 3/4″ soundport

  • Description


This fellow is Luke. He’s looking for a home. He’s another in the woodspirit models. Hand-carved and colored from cherry wood….always an attention getter. Luke is a loud talker with an 11 1/2″ canteen gourd 4″ deep with a 1 3/4″ mouth!(soundport). He’s easy to get along with being fretted.