Barry Sholder Gourd banjo #369 “Tone Ring”

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Barry Sholder Gourd banjo #369 “Tone Ring”


Walnut neck and peghead with Danish oil finish
Curly maple fretless fingerboard
Ebony friction violin tuners..very smooth operation
Large kettle gourd 9″ dia x 5 1/2″ deep
2 1/2″ soundport
Ebony nut
Barry Sholder standard gourd banjo string set
1/4″ solid brass tone ring
25 1/2″ scale
Walnut bridge and Romero style tailpiece

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This banjo has been circling in my head for months as to how to add a tone ring to sit on top of the gourd very much like a tone ring would sit on the rim of a standard banjo. It has finally been built. This is a beast of an instrument. Big kettle gourd…9″ dia x 5 1/2″ deep and 2 1/2″ soundport. 1/4″ thick with epoxy/glass treatment and a solid brass 1/4″ tone ring on top of the gourd. This is some big sound.