New Barry Sholder Fretless Gourd Banjo #407 “Naked Curly Maple”

New Barry Sholder Fretless Gourd Banjo #407 “Naked Curly Maple”


Premium curly maple with Tru-oil finish
Boiucher Minstrel  Head
Big Canteen Gourd
Ebony friction violin tuners … very smooth operation
Corian nut
Turquoise cabochon stone
Goatskin Head
Romero style tailpiece
Barry Sholder std. gourd banjo string set
*Extra sting sets available on the accessories page
**This banjo can be custom ordered with frets.

Please note: Available for special order means that the instrument is currently unavailable and will have to be built Usually about 2 weeks.

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Naked Banjos… Oh, yea. This guy is all premium grade Curly maple with a sexy fade dye job. There is a little turquoise cabochon bling on the Boucher style peghead. This banjo sings like a bird with clear bright tones with enough bottom to make the sound very balanced. The goatskin head adds enough to tickle your fancy…if your fancy is ticklish.