New Barry Sholder Gourd 5 string banjo #438 “Divots”

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New Barry Sholder Gourd 5 string banjo #438 “Divots”


Black Walnut neck with carved divots and oiled finished
Oak fretless fingerboard
hand carved divot textured neck..ver smooth
Canteen gourd 10″ dia x 4″ deep w/1 3/4″ sound port
Corian nut 1 11/32″ wide
Ebony violin friction tuners….very smooth operation
Barry Sholder std. gourd banjo string set
Natural goatskin head

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Whaaaat? Divots…are you kidding? Nope.  I have carved small divots all over the back of this banjo neck. So why would you do that? Why not. As a big fan of hand-carved bowls and the like you see many carved with a variety of textures….so here ya go. Surprisingly enough the feel is very comfortable and smooth. The backside has been burnished and oiled to give a very smooth and quick feel.