New Barry Sholder Gourd banjo #437 “Small Hands”

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New Barry Sholder Gourd banjo #437 “Small Hands”


Light blonde Cherry neck with oil finish
Fretless Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard
Training wheels  on the side of the neck
Open geared machine tuners with a friction 5th.
1 1/16″ wide corian nut
8 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ deep canteen gourd with 1 1/2″ soundport
Standard Barry Sholder Gourd string set

*this banjo can be built with frets

  • Description


My intent on this gourdie was to build a banjo that people with small hands would find easier to play. The neck is based on a 1970’s Sears banjo owned by my father in law that wanted to play banjo but didn’t want to learn. The nut is 1 1/16″ wide. My std. banjo neck is from 1 1/4″ to 1 3/8″. Very comfortable. Smaller canteen gourd so it lays against the body comfortably, and open machine geared tuners on the peghead and friction on the 5th. Plenty of sound out of this guy. I have also added a new feature to this banjo… wheels. I have marked on the side of the neck where the frets are so when you play you will place your fingers in the correct position and eventually you  will feel more comfortable playing fretless