New Barry Sholder Gourd Banjo #458 “Fencepost”

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New Barry Sholder Gourd Banjo #458 “Fencepost”


Cherry Neck Playably Smooth
All rough and natural except the neck
Oak Fretless Fingerboard (26 3/16″ scale)
3 Rusty nails in peghead
Ebony friction violin tuners … very smooth operation
Natural Goatskin Head
Large Kettle Gourd 10 1/2″ dia. X  6 1/2″ Deep
2″ Soundport
Romero Style Tailpiece
Barry Sholder Std. gourd String Set
*Extra string sets available on the accessories page
**Can be custom ordered with frets




  • Description


This is one of the most popular banjos I make. Everything about it is rough…except the playing area of the neck which has a smooth oil finish. The fencepost banjo gets its name from the original, which actually used part of a fencepost for the head plate. Barnwood and old boards are now used as faceplates. All the detail of a great sounding banjo is still incorporated in this instrument. It’s a sure attention getter at any gathering.